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The rugged MiniRAE Lite is the most reliable basic pumped handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) monitor.  Its Photo ionization Detector's (PID) range of 0.1 ppm to 5,000 ppm makes it an ideal instrument for applications such as environmental site surveying where non-hazardous area certifications are required.

Key Features

  • Proven PID technology: The patented sensor provides the following unique features:
    • 3-second response time
    • Range up to 5,000 ppm
    • Humidity compensation
  • Designed for service - Easy access to lamp and sensor in seconds without tools
  • Big graphic display for easy overview of concentration
  • Field-interchangeable battery pack, replacable in seconds without tools
  • Integrated flashlight for better visibility in low light
  • Multi-language support with 12 languages encoded
  • Rugged housing withstands use in harsh environments
    • IP-65 design
    • Strong, protective removable rubber boot.


  • Duty-cycling™ lamp and sensor auto-cleaning technology
  • Tough, flexible inlet Flexi-Probe™
  • Large keys are operable with 3 layers of gloves
  • Strong, built-in sample pump draws up to 100' (30m) horizontally or vertically
  • Loud, 95 dB audible alarm
  • Bright red flashing visible alarm
  • Interchangeable drop-in Lithium-ion and alkaline battery packs
  • 3-year 10.6 eV lamp warranty
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