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The B/W Float Switches are tilt actuated liquid level controls, designed to operate pumps, vlaves, multiple aternators, relays, contactors, alarms and similar equipment for industrial and commercial use.

A hermetically sealed axially nonposition-sensitive mercury switch is used in the narrow angle option, while the wide angle option uses a mechanical switch inside the float.  These floats provide a reliable, long-lasting level control suitable for most liquid environments up to 160 °F.

The B/W Float Switches provide an ideal pilot device for the control of all B/W relays and control panels.  The polypropylene float, PVC cable, and hermetically sealed mercury switch provide an economical liquid level solution for controlling sewage, effluent, many chemical solutions, as well as liquids in other hostile environments containing oil, grease or other similar industrial and municipal wastes where dependable liquid level control is essential.

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